Welcome to the One True Mango blog!

I love making art and doing crafts for friends, family, and strangers. Lately, it’s been pretty fiber-arts intensive. There’s fluff all over my house! This blog contains updates on what I’m making and doing and thinking about. Check out my online shop at onetruemango.etsy.com for even more pretties and shinies.


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  1. Dearest One True Mango,
    Oh how beautiful your website is! The color and design of the background is brilliant and delicious, I definitely see a mango colored maybe even scented paperweight in the near future! It was incredibly heartwarming to see our work up already and posted, Paula’s face lit up with seeing her creations live on the internet. The recent and often updates are very unique and I will do my best to also try to post similarly, you’ve successfully created a warm feeling virtual page and I am inspired! My friend Robin is helping me add an Add to Cart button on Tucsoncrafternoon’s wordpress and as I understand more about it I will let you know, if you are interested in having that purchase option directly off your website. I would also like to explore how to link our pages together- I know any readers of our blog would enjoy immensely this one. Happy February beautiful crafters!

    • Hello,
      Thanks so much for your kind words, sometimes it just seems like I’m flinging stuff into the internet void so it is so nice to hear that people enjoy it! You all did such an amazing job with the felting project and helped make it such a fun evening. I do love the background for our blog, Steph picked it out. I would very much like to know how to put an Add To Cart option in and a link to Tucsoncrafternoon. Maybe we could do that on our Grandma’s Spinning Wheel trip day? I am under the weather right now (oh the joys of teaching children!) but as soon as I’m better let’s get that planned! ❤

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