I visited the shade!


The thing about Tucson is you have to be down with the summers. They are about 15 months long and and boil-the-sand-into-glass hot.  Do not want. Fortunately, Mt. Lemmon is not far away and the elevation makes for very nice cool weather.

So when Andrea suggested a camping trip there this weekend I jumped at the chance to visit relative climate sanity. Also, I wanted to collect forked sticks. I’m working on a project for an upcoming show that will involve weavings on some of these sticks. Right now my idea is to incorporate them into a nighttime-theme shadowbox with lots of spidery threads and shiny beads. I’ll show you as it comes along.

We had a few false starts but finally got up to the mountain. My favorite thing about this trip was a hike Stephan and Andrea and I took as the sun was going down. We made up an “outrunning the night” song that would involve more synthesizer than anyone would ever really want. Not only did we see a deer and a hummingbird, there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! and hence, a rainbow unicorn photoshoot. This is easy to do, just line your unicorn up with your rainbow and there you have it.

A stately Andreacorn:


And a prancing Stephancorn:



Back in the land of searing poisonous sun, but at least I have my haul of sticks:




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