Art Journal


I went to a workshop here at arts marketplace for learning about creating art journals out of other books.

The premise is that you have a place to experiment with techniques and ideas that’s just for you, and the material that’s already there in the book can help you get started.

Admittedly, I am not a good journaler if it’s just for me. The only private journal I have is a garden log. Thrilling insights include reminders to fertilize, and records of which month the cilantro succumbed to horrible crispy death.

It was satisfying to make this book, though. I was working mostly out of resolve to improve things about my current work and life situations.

The workshop was only a couple hours long so we really only designed the covers. Here’s mine:



I did a little collage, some painting and stamping. I tried using some sandpaper on the cover, but it didn’t have a very dramatic effect.

Here’s what the book used to be about:

The binding was coming apart so I poked some holes in it and strung some ribbon. Here’s the inside view:


I really liked this little parachute person I cut out from an art postcard. I thought “aww, they look so funny.” Then I thought “aww, they look like me.”



Less ennui, more making things!



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