Recycled broomstick skirt yarn tutorial


Hello hello,

Do you have any of those great swishy broomstick crinkle skirts that manage to get holes in them after a few zillion wearings? I have a growing stack of them- the fabric is too pretty to throw away, but they’re torn up beyond mending.

I was inspired by this gorgeous recycled sari yarn, on sale here by awesome ETSY seller Crochetmushroom, to make my own weaving material from my old well-loved skirts. I love the idea of taking clothing that was once useful and beautiful and bringing new life to it.

Here’s how I did it:

1. Get one of your old broomstick skirts out, or purchase one from a thrift store. Here’s the one I’ve been demolishing. It was longer than this before I started cutting it up. This one is 100% cotton.

2.  Start cutting a strip from the bottom hem in the width that you’d like your string to be. If the material is woven in such a way that it can be torn easily, then rip away! If not, keep cutting with your scissors, around and around the bottom of your skirt and working your way up.

If you’re tearing, the strip may become wider than you’d like. If so, just take your scissors and narrow it back down again, then keep tearing.

3. When you reach a point when the fabric strip breaks off, just start a new strip. Tie the two strips together so you have one long strand.

4. Make a ball of the strips. Start by winding the strip around two fingers as shown. Then you can start wrapping the strip around itself to make a nice ball.

5. Use your new recycled material to craft whatever you’d like! I am using mine on my homemade backstrap loom to make a scarf.

Much thanks to Stephan for photoshopping these pics into something passable. I have just about had it with the ornery and obsolete digital camera we’ve been working with. Do you have a digital camera that takes great pictures? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Have fun tearing it up!



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