Show and Tell!


We actually have finished projects to show this week! First, here are a couple of things I made using my little loom. They were presents for my mom and sister. This purse is sooo soft and fuzzy!

Too hot for scarves now, but it’ll feel like fall soon enough.


Here are some pictures we did for the Tikkum Olam project at the JCC. They’ll be part of a collective grid of 12X12 inch pictures responding to the worlds’ crises and disasters.  Stephan did one about the all the fires we’ve had in Arizona this year. Ze was really excited about lighting the canvas on fire.

I did one regarding the bee die-off. Bees, I love them.



If you live in Tucson and want to come see all the Tikkun Olam artwork, here’s a link to the info about the reception that’s taking place on September 18:


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