The Ball IS Chain!


Hey Everyone,

I just learned how to make cute little keychain balls out of chainmaille rings and wanted to share it with you!

First, link 5 sets of double links together (hint: it’s easiest to follow and do if you use 2 colors, but feel free to experiment!)

Then, add 2 more sets of double links to the center.

Next, connect the outside links to each other, like so:

Now… Do it all over again! This will leave you with 2 halves that you can begin to connect.

Keep going around the ball, adding colored links between the silver links. Each silver set should have 5 colored sets going through it. It can get really tight really fast in the weave. So if you need to leave an occassional double link as a single to close the ball, do it and then try to go back and add the second link later (see below).

Finally, you can pick a colored set of links and start adding on the keychain connection. This can either be a single color or alternating. I used a split ring right at the top to connect it to the larger keyring.


Thanks for tuning in,



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