Need gifts for the holidays? Check out these wonderful artists!


Hello, as promised, some cool links for your holiday shopping. Buying handmade directly from artists and craftspeople helps support those who are earning money by doing what they love, and it is easy to find artists with goods for sale who are working in socially and environmentally conscious ways. I also believe that selecting something handmade or making gifts yourself makes a present so much more special and memorable than anything you may find at a big box store.

First of all, of course I want to let you know what is going on at One True Mango!   I have finally stopped felting long enough to put some of my new creations up for sale. I am excited about this new direction, and the colors of the soft merino wool are so delicious. Stephan has new chain maille up for sale as well, which can all be customized to the size of the wearer. We both do custom work, so if you can dream up something you would like that we don’t have posted, we’ll get started on a unique piece for you!

My friend Emmy has a beautiful Etsy shop called RedOrchard. She does colorful work with a pagan sensibility. Her shop includes upcycled items such as clothing and sketchbooks, and I can attest to the quality of her craftsmanship.  There’s also silver jewelry to be found here that needs a new home, and if anyone needs a gift for me, I think this felted faerie necklace is the bees’ knees 😉

Jaqui is a phenomenal illustrator. She has been experimenting with a new style lately, here are some of the results. She loves commissions and can work to your specifications. She has tons of gorgeous small bags for sale too, perfect for wrapping your holiday goodies. Her craftsmanship is impeccable and she pays great attention to detail. She also does a lot of erotic and sensual art for members of the furry community, so this link is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

I have a new etsy buddy, Kori, who is making cute recycled t-shirt boy-cut underwear for girl-shaped people for her etsy shop, La Vie en Orange. There are even gift certificates if you don’t know someone’s size! I love love love what she has done with her shop as of late, it is absolutely an inspiration to get off my butt and make something of my etsy store.  I have not tried her products out yet, but I am going to be a fit model for one of her sizes! I’ll let you all know how it goes. She is still looking for fit models for her new larger and smaller sizes, see if you may qualify for a free pair! 

In my favorite design, snails visiting the Eiffel Tower. ❤

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping!



About onetruemango

Welcome to my blog! I have fun making arts and crafts for friends, family, and strangers. Check out my online shop at! I like having tea and writing letters and making things and going on Adventures. I currently live at Juniper Hill Farms as a wwoofer (farm volunteer). Thanks so much for reading! -Rachel

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  1. Thanks 🙂 I haven’t had a proper tree of my own yet- last time we got a rosemary plant, cut a star out of scrap paper, and called it a day! My mom always does a heavily decorated one though.

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