Adventures in photography


Hello hello,

Niko and Jen came over the other day and we had lovely oolong tea and made a tabletop light tent! It was so easy. There are plenty of excellent tutorials out there like this one.

Here is our finished product!

I used it to take some pictures like this- little fuzzy animal pendants are my new Valentine’s day project.



I love the seamless background! The next steps toward better photography for me are to become more familiar with my new camera and to get more lighting for my light tent so it can be lit from the sides as well as the top.

I used the new tent to take some more photos for my ETSY site. My little owl Β is up today, more to come soon!




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  1. This is great, I almost bought something like this last year, but didn’t because I wasn’t sure if I would use it, but now that I see how easy it is to make one myself, I will sure make one.

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