Felting class at Womankraft



I recently taught a paperweight felting class at Womankraft and the participants came up with such wonderful designs! Zoe and Grace brought some gorgeous brown wool in closer to a raw state than the combed merino I usually use. It felted up really nicely.

Ana made this lovely wet felted stone with two needlefelted amanita mushrooms on top.  Amanitas look like something out of a fairytale illustration but they are a real kind of mushroom!


Laura added a saguaro to hers- they are such an iconic sight here in Tucson. She also felted little wool rocks onto her big rock!



Our youngest participant, Paula, made this vibrant paperweight with an initial- P!

Zoe made this one with a caterpillar that evolved into a spirally snail.


Grace made this one with a saguaro on it. Love the little touches of blue and yellow.


Here are all of them together. Gayle’s is on the right at the end. She went straight for this rock with a long narrow shape to use as a perch for her mushrooms.

It was such a nice evening. I love crafting in groups, it’s so friendly and peaceful. People tell great stories while their hands are busy creating. Everyone had a great time and came away with new skills and a cool paperweight!



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