Bottle necklaces


Hello, I have learned a new macrame trick and am so pleased with how these bottle necklaces are turning out! I am using scraps of string discarded from a weaver’s studio and given to me by a friend to reuse.

So far I’v done an elegant blue and white:

And a multicolored crazy fun one:

But I have reached an impasse! What should go inside the bottles?




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Welcome to my blog! I have fun making arts and crafts for friends, family, and strangers. Check out my online shop at! I like having tea and writing letters and making things and going on Adventures. I currently live at Juniper Hill Farms as a wwoofer (farm volunteer). Thanks so much for reading! -Rachel

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  1. those are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you should fill them with Devastation Prevention Potion. (the simple recipe: garlic powder, onion powder, salt, glitter, crushed dried basil, crushed dried white sage, and wee chunks of crushed amethyst and smoky quartz (i got a couple small chunks from a shop, put them in a little bag, and took a hammer to them out on the sidewalk to get infinitely smaller chunks). good for all sorts of deflection, protection, and absorption.

    • YES!!!! I love it! And I have last summer’s basil and sage in my garden that are on their way out, this would be a great use for them 🙂

      Thanks so much for the recipe! I can think of more potions that may need to happen too…

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