Womankraft paper beads class


Hello, just wanted to share some of the wonderful things the participants in my paper bead class at WomanKraft made. We did rolled-up beads and origami star beads from recycled magazine paper. Making origami stars can be tricky at first, and the tiny beads are difficult to make for adult-sized hands. Kids are at an advantage when it comes to folding stars! Everyone stuck with it though and by the end of the session, everyone had a collection of great stars.

We had a lot of beautiful and creative jewelry come out of this workshop. Here are some nice rolled beads with some cute stars waiting on the sidelines.

Pagan made this necklace which complements her shirt so nicely. She chose a distinctive boar’s tooth bead as the centerpiece. In the background you can see some of the many works of art that absolutely cover the walls of the Womankraft classroom.

Laura made this one. She loves blues and turquoises, and made many of her beads out of pictures of the sky.

Huge thank yous to everyone who participated! It’s always a treat to get to make things in such good company.


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  1. Love this idea! Now I want to learn how to fold origami stars so I can make a necklace like this for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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