Mirror frames and mulberry paper!


Hello! Last week I led a mirror frame collage workshop at Womankraft gallery. I learned a few techniques myself- at the gallery there was a whole bunch of mulberry and fancy tissue papers for collage, and I learned how to tear the mulberry paper and mod podge it so that the edges blended nicely.

I got the premade mirrors at Michaels. They are pretty inexpensive. I love how even though we all started out with the same base, each mirror came out so differently.

Here is Gayle’s mirror- I think it looks painted but it is actually collaged! I love how the edges of the mulberry paper overlap the magazine pictures, the colorful images really pop!

Paula’s is really fabulous. Can you spot the owls? she and her sister Gracie did amazing things with beads. It takes so much patience to lay them down one at a time.

Grace found some awesome pictures of plants to work with. We had a debate about what they actually were- if you know please tell us! She also made use of those wonderful scissors that cut patterns onto the edge of your papers.

It was a very nice and peaceful evening. Gayle even finished a little early and played her wooden flute for us. 🙂

Thanks so much to everyone who attended!



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