Dinos and rabbits and pigs, oh my!


First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who came to our moving sale! We sold a bunch of clothes, some furniture, and some artwork- a clay cup, a block print and a handful of skullyheads found new homes. If you missed the sale, I’ll have a lot of the remaining artwork up on ETSY soon.

We also invented a new drink- almond milk with a dash each of Licor 43, Godiva white chocolate liquor, and Frangelico. Tastes just like cake.

Last week I facilitated a needlefelting workshop at Womankraft. Our participants each came up with something unique and wonderful. We managed to complete the workshop with no broken needles and only a few minor stab wounds- those barbed felting needles are sharp!

Paula made this cute fluffy rabbit.


We were honored to have one of Paula’s teachers in class as well, and she felted this dapper penguin.

Zoe and Grace worked on this rendition of their own animals, Kevin Bacon the pig and Eggs the chicken. Bacon and Eggs, get it? 😀 Zoe made the chicken and Grace made the pig.


Zoe also made this stegosaurus. I love the eyes!

Zoe inspired me to make my own dinosaur, with polka dots! You can see the kind of merino roving I used to make the dino in this picture too.

Gayle made this turtle pincushion. She used up a lot of different colored roving scraps to felt a very solid body, and once it is all the way done she plans to use it as a pincushion.


Thanks so much to everyone who attended. As always, it was a great pleasure to make things in such good company.




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