My drop spindle is here!


I have a new toy and it is so so shiny. I have to brag about it here because I showed it to Steph and Hannah and they were deeply unimpressed by my pile of expensive sticks.

There are plenty of ways to make your own drop spindle, but since I am new to spinning and since it is something I know I will be using often, I wanted a professionally made well-balanced spindle right off the bat that wouldn’t frustrate me as I was learning or hold me back as I progress. I tried my spinning teacher’s Aegean and it was dreamy.`Sooooo… check out my Jenkins Aegean drop spindle!

Look how beautiful it is! It has a little moon and the most adorable tiny plants! And it feels so nice and smooth! I even got a free sample of this superwash roving with it. I never use superwash since it won’t felt and that’s most of what I do lately, but we’ll see how it spins. I really like the colors.

It comes completely apart so I won’t break it during travel!

I am so in love. I feel like the spindle needs a name, like you would have for a boat or a guitar.


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  1. Nice. I also dropped some pennies on a handmade Turkish spindle at a fiber fair. I figured if I was going to start spinning, I wanted very nice tools in my hands. Bravo on your choice!

    • Thanks! It’s been lovely, I just finished making a big ball of silk yarn last night. Their website is being re-designed, but I e-mailed them with the weight I wanted and they sent me pictures of all the ones they had. 🙂

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