Monthly Archives: June 2012

Show and tell needlecase


I took a class at Womancraft from Ana Yanez recently and we made needlecases! Being able to be the student instead of the teacher in a workshop is so decadent. I think my needlecase came out looking quite sumptuous and colorful. It will be useful too. My pincushion is a hot mess and I can’t wait to transfer my pins and needles and get rid of the ratty thing. Ana also gave us a pattern to take home so we can make these again if we’d like.

We used tacky glue to add the ribbon embellishments. I usually shy away from using adhesives in most of my projects, but it was oh so nice and quick to be able to glue down ribbons instead of worrying about stitching each one.

The needles will go on the inside pages made of craft felt. I may need to do some of these out of handmade felt soon…