Juniper Hill Bunnies!



I have been volunteering at Juniper Hill Farms which is a farm for independent living for adults on the autism spectrum. I found them through WWOOF USA and my time here has been wonderful! I work four hours a day weeding and planting sunflowers, feeding and watering some of the many animals, planning projects for the guys (Steph and I made a birdhouse pattern and some prototypes), and grooming the angora rabbits, which needed haircuts in the summer heat. Their fur is soft and luxurious. I separated the trimmed fiber into the “long clean nice” bag to use for crafting and the “dirty/short/matted” bag to toss out as I clipped it.

This is one of the half-grown babies. The baby rabbits are playful and fun, and can be snuggly when they feel like it.  Look at this cuteness! I kiss it!


This is an older angora before his haircut.

There are alpacas here too! This is Amigo. He loves to be doused with the hose to stay cool. Check out his crazy teeth!




So yes, I pretty much want my own angora bunnies now.  I ❤ them and they are easier to care for than I thought they might be. Also, I walked through a kitten-mobile recently (It is like a bookmobile only full of shelter kitties and you can keep them with no late fees). Oh, I am on cute and soft and fuzzy overload.


About onetruemango

Welcome to my blog! I have fun making arts and crafts for friends, family, and strangers. Check out my online shop at! I like having tea and writing letters and making things and going on Adventures. I currently live at Juniper Hill Farms as a wwoofer (farm volunteer). Thanks so much for reading! -Rachel

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