Water Bears and Fancy Cacti



I am living at lovely Juniper Hill Farms once again, probably through the winter. It’s a good place to be making things.

For Eric Guy- This is my first go at making a felted Tardigrade, or Water Bear. They can survive extreme high and low temperatures, radiation, and the vacuum of space. Also they are super duper cute and have a waddly little walk.

Here’s it’s tummy, you can see all the toes:

They have funny little faces.

Waddling toward the window:

If you want this water bear to be your very own, he is for sale on ETSY here: This way to buy yourself a water bear!

I miss the desert. Here are the cutie cacti you will soon be able to find at Patchouli Blue in Tucson.

This one has a rattlesnake.

Here’s one with some tiny wee desert cottontails.

I am proud of how these blooming barrel cacti turned out.

This blooming saguaro has a pygmy owl inside!

See you later alligators.



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