Bees and Mushrooms


Hello hello,

This weekend was quite eventful. I went to a honeybee festival in Philly and got to see keepers working with a beehive up close- I have been having bee dreams since then. I heard a talk from beekeeper Jim Bobb who is working with artist Hilary Berseth to make art with the help of bees. They build a structure and the bees cover it in honeycomb. Take a look!

It’s a different way to think about using animals to help in your work. I use animals for their fiber all the time, but since they aren’t involved in making the final structure there’s a different dynamic. As for the bunnies, I think they are just glad to have less fur.

I have been making mushroom ornaments all week! They’ll be nice as Christmas ornaments or general decorations.

If you’re interested, they are for sale here on ETSY as of today.


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    • Haha, I guess the bees made an impression on me. I dreamed that I had a much-loved beehive but wasn’t allowed to keep it in the community where I lived, so I was secretly hiding it in a shed and trying to find a new spot for it.

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