Fall has fallen


It’s chilly! I am about to experience my first Pennsylvania winter, brrr. Steph and I have moved into a trailer behind Juniper Hill Farms. We’ve been working hard to renovate it, and as soon as it looks less like a construction site I’ll post some before and after pictures.

Here’s something awesome: the following Animal Collective video was shot here at Juniper Hill and the trailer you see in the beginning is where we live! Steph and I know some of the people and most of the animals in this video. That donkey is LOUD!

I like living here- there’s a kind of creative magic in the bones of the place.


When Stephan and I drive in to Philadelphia, I spend most of my time sitting in the Random Tea Room. Their specialty is chai and there’s always a big pot of it simmering and making the whole place smell amazing. It feels more like a living room than a tea shop, and people are friendly. Lots of the patrons seem to know each other. I like to make felted animals in there- it’s a portable project, and I focus better away from home. I met a photography student named Dan Conlon. We had a nice chat while he was taking pictures of things around the shop, and he took a photo of one of my little sculptures. He sent the picture to me:

Thanks Dan!



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