Sukkot… and Winter is Coming


Brrrr!!! It is such a chilly morning. I am curled up with a big pot of oolong tea to catch up on posting my ETSY stuff and write this blog post. In Pennsylvania, the seasons are very storybook- winter spring summer fall, with distinct differences. No “now is the season when it is too hot to move or go outdoors and we hate everything,” or “now is the season when we hope for a hurricane bad enough to get us out of work but not bad enough to actually do damage.”

This weekend we celebrated Sukkot with our Juniper Hill friends.

I made patchwork walls for the Sukkah and Stephan made the roof of branches. Here is Brent, putting on the finishing touches.

Ara looks very magical in the glow of the lights.

Here we are under the chestnut tree.

We talked about how much we loved being in it and how nice it would be to have it up all year, but some things are more special because they are temporary.


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