New stuff, Pinterest, and Dapper Unicorn


Hello everyone! There are lots of new pretties and shinies over at my etsy store. I recently posted a whole swarm of felted jellyfish. They’re so fun to make, and the organic lines of the tentacles make it look like they’re floating on a current.

I have some new tardigrades up as well. Love all the toes!

So go check it out!
My new addiction is pinterest. Most computer-related things are like banging my head against a wall, but I found setting up pinterest to be intuitive, possibly because it’s so visually oriented. Pinterest is a platform for collecting things you like from all around the internet and putting them in one place so you can sit back and admire them. Large amounts of my time disappeared into perusing the site at first, but I’ve dialed it back to a reasonable level where I can go and do other life- things. 😉 If you are on pinterest and want to follow me I’ll follow back. Here is my board.


Stephan has a shiny new etsy site. All the chain maille has left One True Mango (which is swiftly turning into my personal homage to wool) and now lives over here at Dapper Unicorn!


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