Monthly Archives: December 2012

Swapping. Also, goats.


Hello hello,

I participated in the Oakmont Farmers Market Winter Food Swap this week! I had never done anything like it before, but in the Philly area, it’s apparently A Thing. I made a bunch of jars of ginger-lemon simple syrup and hibiscus mint tea blend and about nine bags of saltine toffee. Here’s some of what was left:


I traded them for Carolina barbeque swamp sauce, bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, a big jar of beef barley soup, herbed butter, pickled cranberries, two kinds of granola, two varieties of mixed nuts and a jar of spiced pecans, a jar of mustard, cranberry syrup, organic jasmine green tea kombucha, one of the most amazing marmalades I’ve ever tasted, saurkraut, and peach barbeque sauce.


It was set up so for the first half hour or so, everyone set up their trade items and samples. Then we got to circulate, taste samples, and write down our names on bidding sheets in front of each item we might like to trade for.

Then, SWAP TIME! It was chaotic and overwhelming and exhilarating as everyone rushed around trading food. I am quite impressed with the haul. It felt like being a kid with a big bag of Halloween candy. Next time I’ll spend more of the sampling/setup time learning names so I can find who I want to trade with quickly! Everyone was so nice and worked really hard on their cooking projects.

If you are in the Philly area and want to play, the next one is going to be on March 12. If you follow this facebook site they should post the info as it gets closer to time. I’m already trying to decide what to make next!

One True Mango and Dapper Unicorn will be at Conshy Craftaholic tomorrow.


And, as promised, goats! We have a new goat family at Juniper Hill. Here I am holding baby Regina. She has beautiful curly ears. She and her brother Teddy are very sweet.