First ever One True Mango giveaway!


Hello hello,

I’ve got lots of new exciting things planned for the upcoming year. For starters, I’m re-stocking my shop with all sorts of cute fuzzy goodies for sale. New soaps are available now!



Also, I am going to start experimenting with needlefelted pet portrait sculptures. I’ve already made ones of doggies Meena and Huxley.

Here’s Meena:



And Huxley:



Here’s where you come in! I will be holding a drawing one week from now on January 27 at 12 p.m. One lucky winner will get a free customized needlefelted pet. It can be a dog, cat, lizard, chinchilla- any pet you can send me photos of is eligible! Don’t have a pet but still want to play? Favorite animals count too. πŸ™‚

After the winner is notified I’ll ask them to e-mail me photos of their pet from several angles and their shipping address, and I’ll get to work on a unique little miniature that will be mailed to the person.

To enter:

Leave a comment telling us why your pet is awesome and an e-mail address where you can be reached.

In addition, you’ll get one extra entry for every place you share this post (Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc) and one extra entry for liking One True Mango’s Facebook page, if you haven’t already done so. Just let me know in the comments where you’ve shared.

By entering this contest, you agree to allow me to use your pet’s photo and their felted likeness for advertisements and examples in the event that you are the winner.


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  1. First of all, these are so awesome!
    My pet is amazing because she is the sweetest snugglyist kitty there ever was. I will try to be brief, but basically she found me and saved me. Her name is Lola and she is an all black kitty. She’s so good to me and, surprisingly, my 10 month old son, even though she dislikes / is scared of everything. She’s just the most awesome fur baby ever. As I write this she is curled up in my lap purring away and making butter on my blanket.
    And I shared on FB and liked your page πŸ™‚

      • thanks! can’t wait. The World of the Polka Dot Bear is now for sale on Amazon. I’ll send you a copy when my author’s copies arrive in about 2 weeks. An e version will go on sale in about 2 weeks also.

  2. Those are so cute!I have a sweet awesome furbaby that my fiance’ got for me last November for our first anniversary.My little chinchilla Smokey AKA Smoky Bear.He is so incredibly soft,loves to “talk” and run around the house in his giant “hamster ball”..thanks for the chance!

  3. My doggie is awesome because he climbs trees and loves to cuddle and thinks he is a person and licks me good morning every day.

  4. My little ex Barn-cat is the best cat/dog I have ever met. He was a feral raised by German Shepherds, and showed up in early-feb Indiana when he was just 8 weeks old. and has been our constant companion ever since we adopted him from my in-laws. He plays fetch, comes when called, cuddles and crackle-purrs in your ear all night, and will chatter at you all day and “talk”, but still can’t quite meow.

    He fits in well in our odd little family.

  5. I’ve got a very sweet and snugly longhaired tuxedo cat. She loves to keep me company at night by pretending to be a scarf. She does slightly strangle me occasionally, but is very happy to be relocated to the space behind my knees. Rather conveniently, she has also learned how to open doors recently and even lets herself in to visit. No more getting up at midnight to her yowling at my door!

    I’ve liked your page on facebook under the name Sadie Parker, and you can email me at sadie (dot) e (dot) parker (at) gmail (dot) com.

  6. My Zeus is awesome because when Im home he needs to be with me lays under my desk and reaches up to pat his paw at me for pettings. He sleeps with me. He helped get me through some really bad times. He is my little baby.

    Also I shared it on my Facebook and will be putting it up on my Art Facebook page

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