The Art of Being Extra Cozy


Hello hello!

It’s cold. Super cold. I take an aerial silks yoga class at Transcend Wellness and Yoga that is in the warmest, snuggest room and the contrast is almost stifling. Students learn how to do stretches and hang upside down in all sorts of interesting ways using a hammock of strong fabric. After the initial fear of falling on my head, I’ve been loving being up in the silk hammock. My favorite part is when I’m entirely cocooned in it and the whole world is defined for a few moments by that little wrapped-up space.

I’ve been thinking about small created spaces lately because between yoga and my bedroom I’ve been spending a lot of time in them. I live in a trailer that, while adorable, is also drafty and not very insulated.

This is our current solution: Blanket Fort Hibernation Chrysalis. Binder clips or clothespins come in handy when constructing something like this. Safety pins can be ok, but take longer to put on and when I deconstruct the project I always seem to miss one.


When we have the mini space heater running in here it’s like a full-body kotatsu.

It’s cat-approved. We’ve been quite cozy.


One of the inspirations for this was a similar structure built on my friend Jackie’s porch a few summers ago. It had walls and roof made of sheets. We dubbed it the Prance Tent on account of its purpose, which was to keep the sun and bugs off us while we lazed around and ate the tiniest prancy foods all day and night. In the evenings we lit little lanterns that held votive candles. It was a good vacation.

Here Jackie’s wife Michelle and I practice good lazing form.


So if it’s been a decade or two since you’ve tried your hand at blanket forts, you may want to give them another go. If you need me I’ll be in my nest.


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    • Oh yay! It really makes life so much better, creating a smaller space to heat. I used some pretty scarves to fill in the gaps and I know you’ve probably got a few of those around. 😉 Isn’t being cold just the worst?

      • Right? I love winter, but I get so cold I can’t sleep! I actually just cleared out one whole side of my closet to see if I can make a sort of hybrid blanket fort / cabinet bed, since I already use the closet more as a changing room than a clothes place anyway (what with most of my wardrobe being in storage in FL).


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