Puppies! (and new fiber and a sustainable farming conference) but mostly PUPPIES!


Look what we got! The brown puppy will be Ray’s, her name is Hahli. The black puppy is Beagle’s. He is known as Beagle’s Dog.




So I was going to write all about this lovely PASA sustainable agriculture conference I just attended but there are PUPPIES! I’ll make it quick, because new babies.

Something I wasn’t expecting of the conference was hearing repeatedly the message that we’re not crazy for wanting to live differently. That’s something that’s easier for me to logically believe than to know by heart, so it’s good to hear other people say it sometimes.

And now I want to raise chickens and shiitakes and my own toofty rabbits and unusual fruits.

I got some new fiber to play with. I really did just decide not to purchase any new supplies until I move, but this was SO yummy, and there’s mohair in it so it is suuuper soft. It’s from Steam Valley Fiber Farm.


The blue blend is called “Silver Dollar” and the goats’ names are Ceres and Lily Potter. The purple blend is called “Hyacinth” and the goat’s name is Snapdragon. The yellow is an ounce of curly locks just for fun to use in a yellow-and-orange yarn I’m working on.


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  1. You are definitely not crazy–though I’m about in the same place, according to the outside world, and all I did was move my bed into the closet because it was warmer (and I built that tent! but I can’t seem to get a good picture of it to show you!).

    But it’s so nice to hear that you aren’t, isn’t it? That’s part of why I like my school so much–everyone is having the same issues as me!


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