Spring cleaning soap sale and giveaway!


It’s springtime! It snowed today, but it is springtime because I say so. Also, the first brand-new flowers say so.

In honor of self-proclaimed springtime, I have cut the prices of my soaps in half for spring cleaning and am now offering them for $6 apiece. I’ve got a range of colors, scents and patterns including LGBTQAcetera pride inspired designs. Check out the full selection!

What is a One True Mango felted soap, you may ask? It is a soap that I have hand-poured and scented The scents are NICE, too, every time I bring these to a craft fair people stand around smelling them and going “mmmm.”

When the soaps are done I felt them with soft fluffy roving. The result is like a soap and washcloth all in one! It’s gently exfoliating and there’s no squishy mess like with regular bar soap. As Stephan says, “I didn’t really get felted soap, but then I tried one. Now I want ALL of my soaps to be felted.”

In addition to awesome new prices, I am holding a wee giveaway of three felted soaps. Your name goes back into the running each time, so you could conceivably win two or even three if you are super lucky.

I’m drawing for one each of the following:

A spiral blue patchouli soap,

patchouli blue

a pink cherry blossom soap,


and a blue-green stone pattern rosemary mint soap!

blue green

To enter:

Leave a comment sharing what your favorite soap scents are. (I think my favorite scent is rosemary, or sandalwood.)

In addition, you’ll get one extra entry for every place you share this post (Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc) and one extra entry for liking One True Mango’s Facebook page, if you haven’t already done so. Just let me know in the comments where you’ve shared.

Winners will be drawn Sunday, March 24th 2013 at noon.

Edit: contest has been extended! Winners will be drawn May 1, 2013 at noon.


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  1. I love oatmeal milk and honey scent most of all. I had a bottle and mixed it with some sesame oil and dabbed on a perfume and got more compliments than any other perfume I ever wore. But I also love lavender, peppermint for mornings, eucalyptus. BTW I liked your page on facebook.

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  3. My fave is rosemary mint. Or maybe patchouli. Or the one I found recently that is milk and rose – yum. But my friend’s uncle has a lavender farm and those soaps are heavenly too. Ok, I should be in a bath all day for the amount of soaps I love!

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  5. I love love love lemon, but lemongrass is awesome as well. Mango is pretty nice too. Man, I really like all scents, lavender, honey… I liked the facebook page!

    • also, I’ve never heard of felt soap before! how do you make it? and is it really felt? (that sounds like a dumb question, but I somehow am having a hard time imagining what felt soap feels like)

      • The way I make mine is to first make the soap that’s inside- it’s a glycerin melt-and-pour base with scent oil (usually essential oils) added. Just melt in the microwave, stir, pour into a mold and let it cool. You can also make felted soap with store bought soap.

        Not a dumb question at all- it’s an unusual thing. It is really felt! It’s not like kids’ craft felt though, it’s plusher and less uniform than that. I make it by wrapping strips of sheep’s wool around the soap, then dipping the whole thing in hot water and squeezing with my hands until the fibers begin to interlock and tighten around the soap. It’s a bit like when a wool sweater shrinks in the wash, but with a less-defined beginning structure. When it’s holding together I rub the soap against some bubble wrap, which entangles the wool even more.

        Steph says felt soap feels like a soap wrapped in a washcloth, but softer. It’s gently scrubby and soft. I like it because the soap stays inside the felt wrapping and doesn’t get the tub or sink edge slimy.

  6. I love almost any type of vanilla soaps. Also love apple cinnamon scents. I will have to buy one of these just to feel what Felted soap is like.

  7. I have used one of these and it was nice-smelling AND pretty AND easy to hold AND exfoliating! Also, the person who makes these is one of the best people in the universe:)

  8. Honeysuckle is my favorite scent, but I would say the honeysuckle SOAPS I’ve tried have not smelled as good as actual honeysuckle trees. My fave synthetic scent is probably Bath & Body Works’ Sweat Pea lotion. I have to say, I like Pear’s Soap, even though it’s mass-produced.

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