The dog ate my homework.


I fell off the world. Here’s why:

I moved to West Philly earlier than I thought I would. My dear Stephan broke zir ankle and zir mom very kindly agreed to come help us move, but it had to be a bit earlier than we anticipated.

So now we are in a cute city apartment, but due to some snafus with the utility companies we don’t have electricity or gas yet. We’ve been eating supper by candlelight. I’m writing this at the grocery store.

I wanted at least a picture for you all of the cute catnip mouse I sewed for my kitty, but she hid it in the night after getting super high off it and rolling all over the place. I’ll show you if I can find it.

I have not had the time nor the internet connection to promote my soap giveaway properly, so it is extended till the end of April. If you missed signing up the first time round, go here to sign up to win a beautiful felted soap!

So those are all my excuses. Hope everyone is having a happy beginning-of-spring.


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