Fluffy bunnies!


Hi there! I have been having Technical Difficulties lately- my laptop has, after many years, gone the way of all things so I am typing on Stephan’s itty ridiculous notebook computer. Also, my camera charger is somewhere in the vast heap of still-packed boxes from the move, so I’m relying on photos taken by Steph and by Diane Belnavis today.

Here is one of Stephan’s and my projects from the months we spent as WWOOFers at Juniper Hill Farms: a new hutch for angora bunnies!

bunny hutch

We are holding the two little fuzzy brothers who live in the hutch. I like that the whole roof can open in two different sections for easy cleaning and picking up the bunnies. I don’t like how tall it is, we should have cut the legs down a bit!

The angoras at the farm are very soft and for the most part quite docile. Their fur can be used in all sorts of fiber projects.  To get the fur, you can pluck it. The hairs that are ready to shed are only loosely attached and you can pull them out gently with your fingers. It’s not like when you pull your own hair by mistake and it hurts.

The angoras also get haircuts, especially in summer.  All that fur is hot, so we like them to have short hair in warm weather. They also get ice bottles in their hutches on really hot days, a bunny air conditioner 🙂 I like to use the plucked hair best because it is longest, so if I have the time I will usually pluck and then cut, but the longer pieces of cut fur are useful too.

The rabbits sometimes get restless during grooming and want to hop and chew so we take breaks, but mostly they don’t mind and seem to enjoy the attention. I have put a bunny down during grooming before and had her hop right back up into my lap for more!

Here’s a babygirl who just got her summer ‘do. I’m sure she has a few names (probably after something from Bionicle) but no one at the farm can seem to agree upon or keep track of bunny names. She’s one of the shyer ones, so she’s giving me The Big Eyes.

downsize (11)

They look super patchy and silly for a few days after a haircut. Even without that big puff of fur they are velvety soft.

downsize (12)


I’m glad we live near enough to the farm so I can go back and help take care of the angoras. I have no yard at my new place, so having bunnies of my own isn’t an option just yet.

Just to remind you all- the drawing for the FREE FELTED SOAPS is rapidly approaching! Please come sign up here and help spread the word.




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