Soap drawing winners and Mayfair booth


Hello! Congrats to the three winners of my felted soaps!

Julian, the blue patchouli soap is headed your way!

patchouli blue

Stephan has the Cherry Blossom soap, and


Chris won the rosemary mint. I’ll be in touch with you about delivery.

blue green

If you didn’t win the drawing but are curious about felted soaps, you can buy one here and try it out: $6 till May 15, then they go back up in price!

I think for my next round of soapmaking I’ll splurge on organic soap base and some lavender essential oil 🙂

I shared a booth with Dapper Unicorn at the Clark Park May Fair this weekend. I went for a more carefully curated look this time. As hard as it was not to put out every single thing I ever made, I like the more minimal look (and it’s definitely easier to bring a simpler display!)


It was a good day to sit outside chatting with friends and neighbors. I love it when fellow fiber arts people come by to tell me about how wool has taken over their house!


About onetruemango

Welcome to my blog! I have fun making arts and crafts for friends, family, and strangers. Check out my online shop at! I like having tea and writing letters and making things and going on Adventures. I currently live at Juniper Hill Farms as a wwoofer (farm volunteer). Thanks so much for reading! -Rachel

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