The Firehouse Cafe, or, My Dad Wrote ANOTHER book!


My prolific father Steve Sandler has a brand-new children’s book out! It’s called The Firehouse Cafe.

Here’s his description of the story:

“The town of Pepperell is nestled in rolling hills of a mythic landscape along with the equally charming towns of Saltenburg and Milkendale. These hamlets have much in common; lovely old firehouses, manned by firefighters who have rich culinary traditions, and fire free histories. Pepperell’s would be heroes Joe, Ernie and Cajun Clyde decide to make their common dream of owning a fine café come true while remaining honorable public servants. There’s humor, drama, irony, a heavy dose of humanity and a cleverly twisted ending that will leave you with a smile on your face. Welcome to The Firehouse Café.”

Melissa Wyman, a distant cousin of mine, illustrated. This is my favorite picture I’ve seen from it so far.


If you’re interested in ordering a copy, there are gorgeous hardcover signed editions available for a limited time. This Premium Color, hardcover, 8 ½” by 11” edition, signed by the author, will be available only through his website until May 31st for $19.99 shipping and handling included.

Visit and click on “Contact Me”. Please leave your name, address, email and phone number (optional). You will be contacted to verify your order and arrange payment.

After May 31, the book will be available on in paperback for $8.99 + shipping and handling.


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